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Dream to Delirium.

Hi, I'm new - a Sandman fan, Delirium especially. So here's my little bit: Sandman writes to console the youngest of the Endless.

To My Youngest Sister.

I am troubled by writing to you, Delirium. Not only do I feel you to be unready for the news I am about to divulge, I also think there are betters ways by which you might learn it. But no other amoung us will help me pass this burden.

I am dead, Sister. And before you attempt to contradict me, see that: while dreams in the world of mortals do indeed continue, they no longer bear my marks; that they are touched by another. Look also to the space in which I could previously be found, you will feel a cold echoing emptiness, for I no longer reside there. I am as Capax became: do you remember him, Sister? He is as I am: he is no more.

Do not search for me, as you searched for our Brother Destruction. You cannot seek me out as we sought him. And do not think my death to be like that of our Sister Death, for she did not claim me as she does mortals. I am no more – I am more then dead. I am gone. And there is another on my throne.

I told you once that you entertained me, did I not? I retract that statement Sister; I re-phrase it. I am not merely entertained by you. I love you. And I always have, though in all the Millennia I have never told you. Perhaps that is the true purpose to this letter. Perhaps that is all you really ever need know. By the first circle I swear it, I always will. Dearest Delirium - So long as mortals dream – I will love you.

Farewell - remember what words are written here.

Your Brother,


Feedback would be appreciated, thanks.

(I'm Sorry to people who have Macs, as the font wont show up. Try and >enjoy< anyway. ^_^ ♥)
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