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Hermione Granger to Draco Malfoy


I have become aware that I am destined to be dead, and done so by your wand. No studying, memorizing, or learning of spells could get me out of this. I know this is my fate, I saw it during Crystal ball gazing and Astronomy. Even during Charms I felt my fate when my wand broke in half and my Cheering charm worked backwards, causing everyone in the room to cry. In Transfiguration, my birch owl died, after I attempted to transfigure her into a pot of gold. She froze, and fell over stiff. Ron even poked it with his wand, and it did not move. Laster ont he day, I accused Pansy of poisoning my lunch and making a curse to make my hair fall out. But now I know it wasn't her, it was you. Ron thinks i'm crazy for thinking this, but I have dreamed over and over again of you coming at me, or sometimes a snake, or you as a snake. You will stop at no end to see me dead. You fear me, as a muggle-born, just as I fear you as a pure-blood. rest assure, you may kill my yound 14 year old body, perhaps during potions class, perhaps during Quiddatch, but rest assure you will go down in the end, just all the supporters of Voldermont! Ron will avenge my death! I will come back as a ghost and haunt Slytherine forever!

I hate you,

(cursive writing of Hermione Granger's Signature)
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